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Meet the Chumps



  • Favorite Movie? Fight Club, closely followed by every Fast and Furious movie that has ever or will ever be made
  • DC or Marvel? DC video games, Marvel movies, Image comics
  • What’s your Spirit animal (or cartoon)? Dale Gribble
  • What’s an extremely overrated tv show? Friends
  • Show you will re-watch anytime? Parks and Rec or Cowboy Bebop
  • Best Harry Potter spell? Densaugeo. It makes your victims teeth grow super fast, and I'm just realizing that this should be Brick's favorite spell
  • Greatest crossover? Archie Meets the Punisher - Frank Castle is out for a drug dealer who just so happens to look exactly like a goofy-ass high school kid who can't choose between Betty and Veronica
  • What should the podcast really be called? "Smithers tolerates two dudes who intentionally get things wrong to piss him off, and also he named it while drunk"
  • Favorite beer? Anything but Busch Light is blasphemy
  • Worst DAD joke? What's brown and rhymes with Snoopy


  • Favorite Movie? Tie between The Dark Knight and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  • DC or Marvel? DC; We'll take Spider-Man though
  • What’s your Spirit animal (or cartoon)? That surfer fish from Spongebob Squarepants
  • What’s an extremely overrated tv show? Brett Michaels: Rock of Love
  • Show you will re-watch anytime? The Office, That 70's Show, South Park
  • Best Harry Potter spell? 'The Cheering Charm' - the spell causes a person to become happy and content. Would use that instantly on Smithers
  • Greatest crossover? John Wick meets LIAM NEESONS - The Albanian Mafia breaks into John Wick's home while he's out and having Neesons daughter dog-sit; the Albanian's kid-nap Neesons daughter and murder John Wick's dog in the process. Big mistake.....The most epic revenge flick right there
  • What should the podcast really be called? Damn Son, Where'd You Find This?
  • Favorite beer? Guinness or a nice, ice cold Corona Light with a lime, while I'm getting a foot massage on a beach somewhere
  • Worst DAD joke? I gave all of my dead batteries away, free of charge


  • Favorite Movie? This is a loaded question
  • DC or Marvel? Marvel --- Spider-Man > Batman (don't @ me)
  • What’s your Spirit animal (or cartoon)? Flapjack from “The Misadventures of Flapjack”
  • What's an extremely overrated tv show? The Office → just kidding, I honestly could never get into 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan isn’t funny
  • Show you will re-watch anytime? Seinfeld
  • Best Harry Potter spell? “Avada Kedavra” bc I would Avada Kedavra myself if I had to watch anymore Harry Potter movies
  • Greatest crossover? Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens
  • What should the podcast really be called? The Chimpcast - We need a Monkey News Segment every week. Also, Monkeys are awesome, hilarious, cute, and have no qualms with shitting on anything and everything (kinda like Smithers)
  • Favorite beer? Chippewa Falls very own Leinenkugel Brewing Company
  • Worst DAD joke? “Wanna hear a Potassium joke?” ---”Sure” “K” (awkward silence)

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