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After an unfortunate accident involving dinosaurs, clown wigs, and high heels, Smithers was the lone surviving host of the Chumpcast.  Many others attempted to fill in, but none could quite handle the dark and sadistic sense of humor necessary to find Smithers tolerable.  Eventually, he settled on Mark. When not being berated by his co-hosts, Smithers enjoys collecting comic books (not just Batman), Muay Thai kickboxing, sketch comedy writing, voice acting, and being tall. Does he hate you, or does his face just look that way? The world may never know…



Mark joined the podcast shortly after Smithers deceitfully promised the podcast solely discussed Batman and he would allow Mark to wear his Bat Suit during recordings. It wasn’t long before Mark discovered this was a blatant lie, but kindly agreed to stay on the show nevertheless. When he’s not pretending to be Batman, Mark jams out on his guitar primarily to John Mayer or Tracy Chapman’s hit Grammy nominated song, “Fast Car”. He also competes in fitness competitions, with a strict diet consisting of Taco Bell cheesy gordita crunches and caramel empandas. Occasionally, he’ll bring his french bulldog Moose to recordings so he has someone to blame for the offensive farts.



Favorite Movie?
This is a loaded question.

DC or Marvel?
Marvel — Spider-Man > Batman (dont @ me)

What’s your Spirit animal (or cartoon)?
Flapjack from “The Misadventures of Flapjack”

What’s an extremely overrated tv show?
The Office → just kidding, I honestly could never get into 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan isn’t funny.

Show you will rewatch anytime?

Best Harry Potter spell?
“Avada Kedavra” bc I would Avada Kedavra myself if I had to watch anymore Harry Potter movies

Greatest crossover?
Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens

What should the podcast really be called?
The Chimpcast – We need a Monkey News Segment every week. Also, Monkeys are awesome, hilarious, cute, and have no qualms with shitting on anything and everything (kinda like Smithers)

Favorite beer?
Chippewa Falls very own Leinenkugel Brewing Company

Worst DAD joke?

“Wanna hear a Potassium joke?”
(awkward silence)

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