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WESTWORLD S3 and Video Game Time Wasted | Episode 194

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Whaaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 194 of The Chumpcast! This week we review the latest finished season of the HBO hit Westworld and discuss the games we’ve wasted the most time playing.

1:00 – Mental Health Checks

15:15 – Space Force and Crazy Tom Cruise

23:20 – Star Wars news

25:00 – Games we’ve played for the longest amount of time 31:00 – Black Mirror and Twitch Bombing

34:30 – Nic Cage deserves his own segment

38:45 – Marry The Rock or John Krasinski? 39:40 – Best Man Alive

50:00 – Westworld Season 3 review

1:09:50 – Weekly recommendations

1:14:15 – Pointmaster breakdown


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