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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 209 of The Chumpcast! To celebrate Brick physically being in Chicago, we moved this episode into my backyard. Unfortunately, that produced some less-than-stellar audio, but I hope that doesn’t turn you off from a DC-packed discussion. Honestly….it was all Mark’s fault. Also…Umbrella Academy!


1:00 – Smithers is here to barf all over Brick, who is actually in Chicago and has no gag reflex

4:00 – Yes, Eddie Lacy likes to party. Is the NFL going to play? Is fantasy worth it?

7:35 – Mark LIVES in the DC Fandome

11:10 – Are we ready to go back to theaters yet, or will it take a real blockbuster?

16:05: TRAILER FRENZY! Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League doesn’t have gameplay but still looks sick

20:40 – Gotham Knights, where they pretend that Batman is dead and he definitely is not

26:00 – Millie Bobby Brown is hitting it big and producing Enola Holmes

28:05 – Suicide Squad announcements and a star-studded cast

33:00 – THE BATMAN, starring emo Robert Battinson and directed by Matt Reeves

41:10 – Sinbad is going to blow up the world in Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods

42:25 – Lebron’s TuneSquad jerseys suck

43:25 – Olivia Wilde is signed on to direct what will probably be Spider-Woman

44:40 – Stranger Things is going longer than 4 seasons, per Ross Duffer

45:40 – Is Ben Affleck out of money? Why else would he come back for The Flash?

46:40 – The Kraven the Hunter movie is going to be directed by the same guy that did Triple Frontier. Cool, I guess?

47:30 – The Snyder cut is 4 hours long for no goddamn reason

49:35 – BEST MAN ALIVE featuring gross strippers and Covid-19, Robert Battinson as an actual decent actor, and Thom Breneman is a piece of shit.

56:15 – Umbrella Academy S2 breakdown and always coming armed to the strip club

1:11:30 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Luther starring Idris Elba, finding a new Golf video game, Lovecraft Country, and Dungeons & Daddies.

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