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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 204 of The Chumpcast! Let’s talk about the weirdness of 2020, putting your goddamn mask on, hackers versus baby boomers, and The Old Guard streaming on Netflix.

TIME STAMPS: (NOTE – The timestamps reflect the podcast version of the episode, so the live YouTube version may be a bit off)

1:15 – DUMB QUESTIONS: What’s the coolest movie prop to own and why are you wrong about it?

7:10 – Was this the weirdest week of 2020? Is there a bigger a**hole than Dan Snyder?

9:30 – Do all pro sports team names suck and why is the answer yes? Why do pandas suck?

12:35 – Where will Michael Bay’s Covid-19 movie cram in explosions?

14:30 – The origins of Mark smelling bad

17:45 – TRAILERS: Project Power, The New Mutants, and Far Cry 6

27:10 – SDCC is ripping off Mainframe Comic Con, but we’ll take it.

31:20 – New Star Wars cartoon The Bad Batch coming to Disney+ 32:30 – DC and Tom King’s new Rorschach comic

34:20 – Our Lord and Savior Keanu is writing a comic for Boom Studios

37:00 – BunnyMan Samurai cartoon coming to Netflix, produced by James Wan

38:10 – Netflix is THROWING money at the Russo Bros, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans for The Gray Man

41:45 – BEST MAN ALIVE: Twitter hackers and baseball teams selling cut out fans

53:10 – The Old Guard review

1:03:30 – RECOMMENDATIONS: Zac Efron’s Down to Earth, Paper Mario: The Origami King, and Cursed

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