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Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 291 of The Chumpcast! Life has been weird lately, but it feels good to sit down and argue about shit that doesn’t matter. For example, The Northman from Robbert Eggers. Also….

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0:10 – Life is like….super hard and stuff, but we’re glad to be back with you! Also, kids are bastards!

6:20 – SURPRISE, IT’S RECOMMENDATIONS! We love how much content is currently out there, including Winning Time, Halo, Moon Knight, Tokyo Vice, and more!

17:50 – TRAILERS! Thor 4: More Thor, Love Death + Robots, and the return of Chip ‘n Dale

27:25 – Netflix kinda seems like they’re stepping in a big pile of something stinky….

33:10 – A wave of nepotism rocks our draft world! Is there no honor amongst Chumps?!?

35:40 – DRAFT! Idk, party animals or something Brick is just gonna cheat anyways

49:45 – REVIEW! The Northman promises Viking murder and conquest. Does it deliver?

59:50 – Next week, on The Chumpcast…

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