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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 226 of The Chumpcast! It’s almost Festivus, and I’ve got a lot of problems with you people. Also, I’m gonna talk WAY too much about season 2 of The Mandalorian. Enjoy!


0:40 – The airing of grievances begins with tardiness, plus Zoom based scavenger hunts

4:35 – Mark is scared to download Cyberpunk and it has been pulled from the PS Store

10:35 – Too late NFL bets! Is Derrick Henry an alien? Is Brick clairvoyant?

15:00 – TRAILERS! Anthony Mackie is a cyborg maybe in Outside the Wire, Alan Tudyk hides in plain sight in Resident Alien, part 3 of Disenchantment is upon us, and Mike Tyson fights The Mountain in Dethert Thtrike

28:15 – Chris Pine is rumored to be the handsome and charming lead man in a Dungeon and Dragons movie

33:30 – Netflix is discussing an audio-only streaming option to save data for users. Anyone interested?

36:30 – A Borderlands movie is rumored to be in the works and Kevin Hart is obviously attached. Also, who is the snitch in the Super Mario universe?

39:20 – BEST MAN ALIVE! Ho Ho Hold on to your drugs because Santa is coming for you, a Space Force soldier on a mission from God, and a man who truly loves his pornography

47:30 – REVIEW! SPOILERS for Mandalorian Season 2 and a full breakdown! If you hate spoilers, then go away. Huge spoilers, but we’re gonna get weird with it…

1:29:00 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Brick is still deep into Cyberpunk, Smithers is deep into Clone Wars, and Mark loves beer

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