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Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 288 of The Chumpcast! Let’s talk about Nic Cage, the best fictional cities, and other dumb stuff.

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0:15 – Strap on your New Balances, tuck in your shirts, and hold onto your butts, Mark’s Minivan is coming! Also, racing is better than college basketball

4:50 – Mark’s google search history gets a little dicey (furry) and Brick has the weirdest power

10:30 – TRAILERS! A weird look at the weird new Joker, enough of this Liam Neeson bullshit, and a movie about making a different movie

25:20 – NEWS! Nic Cage as Vampire John Travolta, Disney finally listens to Smithers, and Amazon is already bastardizing James Bond after owning the rights for 3 days

29:40 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Apple TV+ shows are killin’ it with Severance and Mythic Quest, and Mark tries to sell you Paramount+

42:15 – DRAFT TIME! What are the most kick-ass fictional cities?

54:00 – REVIEW! Sandy Bullock, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt drag along The Lost City, but is it worth it?

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