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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 231 of The Chumpcast! This was probably my favorite episode in recent history, but I won’t spoil why. Let’s just say…it gets weird. Also, we review a flick with some TRUE star power: The Little Things, streaming now on HBO Max.

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0:50 – Billionaire Brick is here to save us all from poverty with his investing savvy

3:50 – Listener text question! Panda Claus asks: what’s it going to take for you to feel safe enough to get back in a movie theater?

9:25 – More stock market talk, because that’s the biggest news of the week. Remember: you haven’t made one thin dime until you sell your shares!

14:00 – Voicemail! Kyle asks: what bad movie will you defend to your dying breath, and why is it probably Power Rangers?

21:20 – Godzilla vs Kong trailer. Who ya got in a fight? Why? Is Godzilla a Lizard Person? Does King Kong have morals because he is a primate?

26:20 – SURPRISE TRIVIA! How many monster movies can you name in 30 seconds?

28:40 – Palm Springs is adding DVD-like commentary to the streaming options. Do you want to see more movie extra on streaming platforms?

30:00 – Not to be outdone by Netflix, HBO Max released their own montage of their upcoming exclusive flicks

32:30 – The Courier, a very Brick-style movie starring Buttercup CrustyPants

35:35 – The Mighty Ducks return in TV show form, including Emilio Estevez and WAIT WHO THE HELL ARE HIS PARENTS?

37:45 – Warner Bros is kicking around a TV series based in the world of Harry Potter. Pitch us the spinoff that you want to see

41:50 – George Clooney will play Buck Rogers in a miniseries written by Brian K Vaughn of Saga and Y The Last Man fame

43:45 – As of March 18th, we will be cursed with the plague that is the Snyder cut of Justice League

45:10 – BEST MAN ALIVE! A woman gets stabby after seeing an old picture of her with her husband, batshit crazy people continue to be elected into positions of power, a monolith speculation update, and a very creative way to catch a robber

53:15 – REVIEW! The Little Things starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto

1:08:30 – SPOILERS for The Little Things. You’ve been warned!

1:20:15 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Hitman 3, Magic for Humans “live” show, and Resident Alien on SyFy

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