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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 217 of The Chumpcast! Brick is back even as his house is about to burn down, I grew a terrible mustache, and Mark pretends to know things. Who cares, let’s talk about season 2 of The Boys!


0:50 – Mark drinks Bud Light Platinums and Smithers is an evil magician

3:30 – Brick’s house is going to burn down and he doesn’t seem to give a sh*t because it’s almost ski season

5:50 – Android versus Apple might as well be a gang war with idiots on both sides, plus Mark pretends to know about computers

11:00 – Mark versus Brick in the Fantasy Football Dipsh*t Bowl, and Smithers finally finished Outer Banks to pay off a lost bet

16:00 – A Chinese Professional Baseball League player pulled the ultimate move of disrespect while robbing a home run

19:00 – TRAILERS! Animaniacs are making their triumphant return, SOUL finally makes some sense even though Pixar loves death, Monster Hunter looks Bad and Nic Cage is here to save us from Spaceman

30:50 – Andy Samberg, Craig Robinson, and Common will star in Super High, a movie where weed gives you powers. Let’s equate pot strains to super heroes!

38:05 – What show do you NEVER want to see remade or extended, and why is it definitely Dexter?

44:45 – Netflix is teaming up with Adam McKay for Don’t Look Up starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

47:05 – Amazon Prime needs to bring back Freddie Prinze Jr. for this I Know What You Did Last Summer show/reboot

51:20 – BEST MAN ALIVE featuring a childish Elon Musk, a very petty baseball fan sticking it to the cheating Houston Astros, and a real life Bart Simpson

59:00 – THE BOYS! Season 2 is not complete and streaming on Amazon Prime

1:21:20 – RECOMMENDATIONS! What We Do in the Shadows seasons 1 & 2 on Hulu, Brick loves Virtual Reality, COD Cold War beta, and Save Yourselves

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