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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 197 of The Chumpcast! This week we blasted through Steve Carrell’s newest Netflix comedy SPACE FORCE and talked about the liquors that we can never ever drink again. Here’s the breakdown:

0:52 – Booze you can never drink again

6:13 – Brick the mountain man

8:40 – Mental health checks

13:30 – MainFrame Comic Con recap

18:05 – News to Us – Universal Studios is opening

29:30 – Doug Liman is sending Tom Cruise to space

31:50 – More Snyder Cut talk

36:30 – HBO Max dropped

40:10 – Chris Nolan bought a fucking 747 for shooting Tenet

42:30 – You’re getting a Sonic The Hedgehog sequel whether you want it or not

44:20 – Gosling is the Wolfman?

47:35 – Best Man Alive

57:45 – Netflix’s Space Force review

1:15:45 – Recommendations for the week

1:21:15 – Points breakdown


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