Red Sparrow, Best Spy Gadgets, & Lots of Beer – Episode 81

March 05, 2018


Welcome to episode 81!

Since Mark is somewhere else this week, we did our best to replace him with an interesting and insightful guest, so we brought on Rachel!…along with a few cases of beer. We had some fun talking about aliens, first world problems, and the best spy gadgets from movies and television- which led us into our review of the new Jennifer Lawrence spy thriller, Red Sparrow.

Thanks again Rachel for joining us this week!!!

Spoilers from 1:15:00 to 1:23:30, but come back afterwards for our weekly recommendations.

For next week, we’re asking listeners to leave us a voicemail detailing their absolute favorite conspiracy theories. Call us at 847–920–6107 and you might show up on next week’s show.


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