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Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 241 of The Chumpcast! Welcome to the episode where I try to get Mark to sell his dog to Cruella DeVille. Also, Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk.

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0:45 – Anxiety! The Musical starring our very own Smithers

1:50 – Someone is offering Mark $750,000 for his dog. He’s probably going to take it, right?

5:25 – Trying to explain why watching The Masters isn’t the most boring thing on the planet

7:50 – VOICEMAIL! Detective Vile asks our thoughts on Smart Glasses like the new Razer Anzu set

13:10 – The painful truth: Your wired or wireless mouse isn’t the reason you suck at online video games

14:15 – TRAILERS! The Long Halloween shows Batman tracking a serial killer celebrating holidays with MURDER

17:25 – MORE TRAILERS! Jupiter’s Legacy from the mind of Mark Millar, coming to Netflix in May

19:45 – Paul Rudd plus adorable little marshmallow men can’t cover the fact that Mark hasn’t seen Ghostbusters

23:15 – Fine, also trailers for Those Who Wish Me Dead and Mainstream

26:45 – HBO Max might be regretting their simultaneous release schedule and could switch things up a bit

30:00 – Sony and Netflix have a new carriage rights deal that might spell trouble for premium cable networks

33:00 – A miniature BEST MAN ALIVE for a miniature Chumpcast episode featuring Doritos thieves and lying Zookeepers

35:45 – Oh god no we’re running out of time…QUICK! REVIEW NOBODY WITH BOB ODENKIRK!

42:40 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Chill beats for anxiety-ridden weirdos and Search Party on HBO Max

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