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Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 289 of The Chumpcast! Morbius was such a mess that we needed AJ to join and discuss what went wrong. As it turns out, we don’t know as many vampires as we thought we did.

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0:10 – Mark will defend Jared Leto and Machine Gun Kelly to his dying breath

5:30 – The first of many instances where we reference Will Smith slapping the shit out of Chris Rock

10:50 – TRAILERS! Choose or Die gives you two very obvious options, Dual has Karen Gillan and weird potential, The Sea Beast could be referring to an upcoming animated movie or your mother, and new Gru too

22:00 – NEWS! The endless reboots continue on a particularly cursed franchise, Jason Bateman + Scarlett Johansson + Chris Evans, and naked Willem Dafoe

28:00 – RECOMMENDATIONS! An Apatow movie that produces a giggle or two, an argument about a dumb video game, AJ bears his soul over a YouTube show, and Moon Knight

38:35 – DRAFT! How quickly will 4 people run out of vampire characters?

50:20 – REVIEW! Just how bad was Morbius? Is Jared Leto coming for your toenails?

1:03:50 – Next time on The Chumpcast (and more slap talk)….

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