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Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 262 of The Chumpcast! Football is back and we’ve got a REAL wild ride of a movie to discuss in James Wan’s Malignant.

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0:50 – Having people over to watch football is literally just allowing for someone to fart on your couch for hours

7:00 – TRAILERS! Ron’s Gone Wrong, more Spider-Mans (plus some Wolverine), DC’s animated Injustice flick, Don’t Look Up (winner of the week), The Guilty, and a brand new Matrix

22:05 – Marvel has locked up movie weekends all the way into 2024 with 13 new releases planned

24:45 – DRAFT TIME! Who’s your choice for the greatest whacky elderly character?

36:20 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Brick can’t quite Game of Thrones, Mark is in on Cruella, and Smithers is going to watch Y the Last Man

40:35 – BEST MAN ALIVE! A heroic kitty cat deflection, Taco Bell requests your empty sauce packets, and the TRUE heroes of science get some recognition

47:10 – REVIEW TIME! James Wan’s latest (and most ridiculous) attempt at a horror thriller, Malignant

58:05 – SPOILERS FOR MALIGNANT! Consider yourselves warned

1:05:40 – Coming next week…

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