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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 219 of The Chumpcast! This week we caught a sleeper of a movie in Love and Monsters, debate the sh*tbag level of Michael Bay, and get a surprise visit from my sometimes lovely wife…


0:45 – Mark is hungover and the mustache still rides despite everyone’s better judgment

4:00 – Baby and dog Halloween costumes are torture devices

5:30 – Mark thinks he’s a choo choo train conductor

8:30 – The Mothman is terrorizing O’Hare Airport in Chicago. We’re trying to book him as a guest.

12:15 – Let’s prepare for the riots that are coming this week because your insurance company doesn’t give a sh*t about you

16:00 – TRAILERS! Jackie Chan in VANGUARD, Michael Bay is cashing in on a global pandemic with SONGBIRD, Maisie Williams is a badass in TWO WEEKS TO LIVE, this STARDUST biopic doesn’t even have the rights to David Bowie’s music, and THE MIDNIGHT SKY shows us that George Clooney is still alive.

31:45 – Next generation consoles and games will be here in about 2 weeks, including Miles Morales! Also, Mrs. Smithers might be a jerk.

37:05 – The cartoon reboot trend continues as HBO Max is working on Tiny Toon Adventures

38:35 – PSA: 3 Ninjas is now available on Hulu and Mark is Tum Tum

40:15 – Cyberpunk 2077 may not actually exist, but if it does, we’re DEFINITELY giving a copy to a lucky listener

43:45 – Netflix + Assassin’s Creed. Who is your Ezio or other main character? Should they cast new actors for each different time period?

46:50 – Another Adam Sandler Netflix movie, this time where his best friend is a space spider?

48:25 – Keanu cut all of his hair off

49:00 – Oscar Isaac will be your very first live-action Moon Knight, assuming this gets made some day

51:00 – BEST MAN ALIVE! Brick loves Erica for punching a sandwich, a child Halloween version of DJ Marshmello, and Big Jon Lester buying everyone in Chicago beers all weekend

57:30 – LOVE AND MONSTERS movie review, including why you should absolutely go watch it

1:07:00 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Kraken Dice available at, The Leftovers is interesting and mysterious, drinking candles when you’re sh*tfaced, and Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

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