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Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 245 of The Chumpcast! Now…you’re gonna hear some people try to tell you that I was drunk during this episode, and that’s just a fallacy. It’s a smear campaign driven purely by spite and envy. Lots of bad information out there. Also, I guess we watched Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix.

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1:05 – Doth thou even crush beers, bro? (Mark is the worst)

8:10 – Is one of our listeners casting Voodoo magic on people? (Yes.)

9:35 – Mark is bad at softball, but he thinks his team can mesh well if you give them a decade

12:50 – Smithers is potentially a moron; leaves keys in car during a rash of car thefts 

17:30 – TRAILERS! WISH DRAGON will be the next Sony animated film that hits Netflix after the masterpiece that was The Mitchells vs The Machines

21:3 – TRAILERS! THE FOREVER PURGE reminds us that they’ve been making Purge movies forever

25:55 – TRAILERS! VENOM 2: LET THERE BE CARNAGE has turned the symbiote into your wacky roommate

33:50 – TRAILERS! The best trailer of the week shows us Dev Patel in THE GREEN KNIGHT and we still don’t know what its about

38:15 – NEWS! Netflix is blessing us with more Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill in ENOLA HOLMES 2

42:00 – NEWS! FXX is bringing us more Danny DeVito in animated form from LITTLE DEMONS

44:25 – NEWS! All of your favorite Adult Swim classics are returning via feature length film

48:10 – BEST MAN ALIVE! Radioactive booze lands some people in prison, the BFer 3000 ends up facing a judge in court, Mark gets trolled and, and Karen needs to put gas into whatever she can find

58:20 – REVIEW! Can Josh Duhamel save JUPITER’S LEGACY from the horrible special effects? Maybe!

1:18:25 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Brick is all in on LOVE, DEATH, AND ROBOTS, (Smithers agrees) and Mark calls J. COLE one of the GOATs

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