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Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 290 of The Chumpcast! Mark is in a pissy mood, but that’s not going to stop us from discussing the happenings of this week. Also, some Harry Potties.

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0:10 – We try to will Mark into being hit by a train, RIP to Gilbert Gottfried, and diddlers are getting more brazen

6:00 – Elon might be an actual supervillain, because why else would you want to buy Twitter?

9:00 – Speaking of billionaires, Brick bought a 3080 graphics card and Smithers had to sell his prized possession

15:45 – TRAILERS! Bob’s Burgers comes to the big screen, Mark makes threats of violence, one of the Cronenberg’s is making more eff’d up body horror, and Stranger Things S4 pulls back the curtain

26:35 – The Fast and Furious franchise continues their crossover efforts with every other universe, will add Brie Larson

29:15 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Severance ended in infuriating fashion, Righteous Gemstones continues to rule, Mark loves murderers, Master Chief Check In, and Moon Knight

44:30 – DRAFT TIME! We didn’t get to review Sonic 2 (awful) but we can still draft the best Jim Carrey roles

56:05 – REVIEW! This is the segment where actual Harry Potter fans get mad at us for discussing The Secrets of Dumbledore

1:15:45 – Next time, on The Chumpcast….

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