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Deadpool 2 and a Boy Band Homage ft Drunk Erica – Episode 92

Welcome to episode 92 of the Chumpcast! We’ve got a full Chump Cave this week as the crew is back with long time guest Drunk Ass Erica. It would be safe to call this our musical episode, even though the last thing I wanted to hear was a bad rendition of a 2000s pop song. More importantly, we discussed Ryan Reynolds latest box office killer, Deadpool 2. You won’t want to miss Brick trying to sell us on why it was better than Infinity War. Spoilers for Deadpool 2 from 1:02:45 until 1:31:25, but make sure you stick around after that for our weekly recommendations.

For next episode, we want your choice for an obscure star wars character that should have their own solo origin story. Maybe you like a Max Reebo or a Lobot. Maybe the Sarlacc Pit deserves a coming of age tale. You decide and then send to us via social media @thechumpcast. You can also call or text us at 847-920-6107. If you leave us a good enough voicemail, you might hear your voice on a future episode.

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