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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 195 of The Chumpcast! This week we review Tom Hardy’s mob boss drama Capone and discuss the need for Batman to be jacked.
Here are some episode topic timestamps for your listening convenience!🎧
2:35 – Possible New NFL Rules/Incentives
6:25 – Is Baseball Ever Coming Back? MLB Labor Disputes
12:58 – Paper Mario Reveal
15:28 – GTA V Beat-downs
24:05 – Pirates of the Caribbean 6
26:00 – DC Universe Swamp Thing Moving to CW
29:16 – Sweet Tooth Comic Adaptation Coming to Netflix
33:05 – Scener Virtual Movie Theater on HBO MAX and Amazon Buying AMC
37:50 – Best/Worst Man Alive (David Portnoy, Last Standing Blockbuster)
46:20 – Robert Pattinson Refuses to Get Jacked for The Batman
54:45 – Capone Review
109:48 – Weekly Recommendations

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