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Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 207 of The Chumpcast! It’s just me and Brick this week, but we still have plenty of stupid internet videos to break down and movie news to discuss. Also, we cram in some love for Shia LeBeouf, regardless of whether we liked his new movie The Tax Collector.


0:53 – Let’s get CRANK’d for this week and a new baby Darryl

3:05 – When you have to find a new best man for your wedding…

9:00 – Smithers sucks at video games and is a bullet sponge

10:40 – TRAILERS! The Sleepover and I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Also, least hated foods and Toni Collette appreciation

17:40 – Is it difficult for actors who are good people to play characters who are pieces of shit?

19:20 – The Devil all the Time, featuring Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Sebastian Stan

23:45 – Disney has gone crazy, thinks that people will pay $30 to stream Mulan

27:00 – The return of Ren & Stimpy, the show that my dad hated more than anything

28:20 – Jonas Cuaron is going to make an adorable Chupacabra movie for Netflix

31:10 – Ryan Reynolds is teaming up with Lord and Miller for a “family” monster movie

33:50 – Arkham video game creators Rocksteady announced a Suicide Squad game

35:20 – BEST MAN ALIVE! A cheeky boar versus a fat naked man, and Hasbro made some really suspect Troll dolls

43:50 – The Tax Collector, starring Bobby Soto and Shia LeBeouf

58:30 – RECOMMENDATIONS! An American Pickle, Umbrella Academy and Fall Guys

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