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Mass VR: The Future of Virtual Reality and Interactive Gaming

I have seen the next generation of gaming and have come out the other side with an unquenchable thirst for MORE!  VR Champions is the brand new game from Mass VR that will be sweeping the world!

The Concept

The first thing that comes to mind is Halo. Two teams,  Red vs Blue, 4v4, in a competitive arena shooter. The major difference from the Halo franchise is rather than using a controller, you ARE the controller! Both teams strap into their VR equipment which includes a VR headset, Portable backpack, and a VR Pistol.  Everything is lightweight and easy to walk around. The concept of the game is simple; team death-match with a main objective to infiltrate the opponent’s base and destroy the power core. You receive 1 point for every kill and 10 points for every core destroyed. Your first time at Mass VR you play three five minute rounds; each round you can see exponential growth in your game play.  By the time you finish the third round your team will begin to form strategies and rolling as a unit across the map towards the objective.

The Gameplay

Once everyone is strapped in, you head to the glowing mark with your gamertag and run through a shooting range style tutorial that takes less than a few minutes.  This quickly teaches you how to use the jetpacks, ziplines, pistol, shotgun, grenades, rockets; even for first time VR users completed the tutorial with ease because the controls are simple and seamless.  Spawn points for your team are located in their own plane; I would consider it like being in limbo. The level has an upper deck, a walkway, and a courtyard which connects the two bases. You may be asking, “With three different levels, how do you not run into other players?”.  Mass VR has sorted this by denoting players that are on another level (either above or below) with a gold outline; if a player is on your playing plane you will see them in their VR skin (either Red or Blue). We played with 8 guys in this warehouse and we had no real issues with this foreseeable problem. The shooting and the powerups on the map were clean, but there is a ton of room for improvement. This is not to say that Mass VR did a bad job, quite the contrary. They did a great job making this game simple enough for anyone to be able to pick up and play, but because it was so simple I can see endless opportunities for expansion. Oh, and forgot to mention….Mass VR records your complete match and posts it to Twitch – a live social video platform, which is pretty freakin’ SWEET. Check out the below clip from some of our match gameplay. (FYI – Mark was Tits McGee, obvi)

The Future

We were lucky enough to speak with Chris Lai, the president of Mass VR, after we finished our session.  Sufficiently mind blown from our first Mass VR experience; Chris decided to drop another mind atom bomb on us by telling us his plans for Mass VR in the near future.  Chris plans on opening a new location where he can schedule multiple games at a time. Not only can he run multiple games at a time, but he is planning on networking these warehouses together meaning bigger games, safer game play, and an unlimited room for growth.  The next step for Mass VR is entering the eSports world.  Mass VR will bridge the gap between eSports and physical sports. While bridging the athletic gap between sports is the easiest way to make headlines it was not what grabbed my attention for what he had in store for the casual gamer.  Large “Zelda” style adventure campaigns with you and your friends, suit up and play with your friends. Once your session is over, Mass VR will save your progress and the next time you come in your game will start right where you left off.


Overall Review:

Controls – 10/10

You have full control of your entire body, even your opposite hand that isnt holding the pistol and has nothing connecting it to the VR system will register movement.  Also, you get to fly a jetpack and use ziplines – mind blowing

Gameplay – 10/10

Simple arena shooter with an incredible twist.  It’s like you’re playing Halo 2 for the first time, but you’re playing in the future.

Replayability – 10/10

Although it’s not readily available everywhere, the itch to jump into a virtual reality where you can jetpack/zipline/firefight with your friends is REAL.  I almost signed up again right we finished our last session. The initial price is $39.99 per person for a 30 minute session, but if you use one of their many promo codes, it drops the price to $29.99 per person! AND then they give you ½ off promo once you complete your first session. I believe the price will drop once they have a firm grip on their overall expansion plan, but I will say, it was worth every penny!



Based on all video games i have ever played I can only give this an 11/10! Mass VR is BRILLIANT. If you’re a gamer you NEED to do this. We can’t wait to get back to Mass VR. The future is bright for virtual reality, fellow nerds!?


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