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2017: Year of the Superhero Movie

There’s no question- We were spoiled with the amount of superhero movies we received this year. But what was your favorite? Mark, Ryan and Brick give you some in-depth rankings for 6 Superhero movies that graced our presence this year – Logan, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League. Let’s do this!



Overall Rank: 1st

Visuals: 9/10
  • Gritty, intense and raw action scenes. Watching an 11 year old flipping through the air, while slashing necks and taking out waves of enemies is always fun.
Villain: 6/10
  • I didn’t really know these villains or care to know them to be honest. Guy with bionic arm and John Lennon sunglasses…yeah.
 Action: 10/10
  • Loved every second of the action. Me likey gore, especially when bad ass kids deliver most of it.
 Laughs: 8/10
  • Lots to laugh about in this film. Thought X-23 brought most of the humor, but seeing Logan still acting like an ass is always funny.
 Story: 10/10
  • Out of any movie this year (regardless a superhero one), this hit home the most for me. I will admittingly say i teared up at the end. Enough said.


Overall Rank: 2nd

  • A post-apocalyptic desert setting with beautiful yet desolate landscapes. CGI is used sparingly, making those scenes even more impactful and stunning.
  • My guess is that most people couldn’t tell you the names of the villains in this movie. They are right to forget everything about them.
 ACTION: 9/10
  • Who doesn’t enjoy little girls going on murderous tirades? Paired with the best of Hugh Jackman’s work, it’s truly a sight to behold.
 LAUGHS: 7/10
  • The same snide Logan we’ve grown accustomed to, mixed in with a Spanish-shouting 10 year old and the most powerful psychic in the world battling dementia.
 STORY: 10/10
  • Hints of the Old Man Logan comic book were used to reel in fans of that iconic arc, but this is a story all on its own. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll live on the edge of your seat.


Overall Rank: 3rd

  • It’s rated R – you get to see Logan and X-23  SHRED-O-TRON soldiers in Berserker mode with full gore. Peace.
  • They harvest children for their power; Wolverine please murder everyone in this movie – thanks.
 ACTION: 9/10
  • Something about Logan taking responsibility and looking after Prof. X and X-23 made the action more impactful.
 LAUGHS: 6/10
  • Patrick Stewart played a great crazy old man.
 STORY: 10/10
  • Wolverine Slashing and dashing no-name-tag goons in a rated R flick and little mini Wolverine with the same bad-ass survival mentality.
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